Nature View Case Study

Topics: Whole foods, Milk, Marketing Pages: 1 (270 words) Published: June 7, 2011
Unlike the major players in the US yogurt selling brands-Dannon, Yoplait, and Beyers, Natureview used natural ingredients in its recipe for yogurt manufacturing, which became its USP in the natural yogurt foods market. As a best practice, it prepared yogurt from milk of cows untreated with rGBH , an artificial growth harmone misused by the major US brands talked above to increase milk production unnaturally. This best practice used by Natureview increased its shelf life to 50 days vis-à-vis 30 days of the top brands, enabling it to cut significantly on building multiple production plants. However, Natureview did not go for a trade-off with high quality and wow taste. Therefore, Natureview’s yogurt became a big hit in the natural foods segment and facilitated it to liaise with big revenue churning natural food retailers like Whole Foods and Wild Oats, who also found its high quality and tasty natural yogurt immensely good as it was also based on creative, low-cost ‘guerilla marketing’ strategy. It offered higher margins over other dairy products. Over a period of time the natural food retailers became the niche and loyal customers of Natureview. The consumers were also loyal to Natureview’s yogurt as it was more health-supplementary. Besides, for more than a whopping 58% of US households, organic foods if lesser priced were in the highest priority. Natureview’s yogurt consumers rose in numbers majorly by dint of its excellent relationship and marketing activities synergistically with natural food retailers. By the year 1999 Natureview Farm captured 24% in the Natural Foods Channel and became the market leader in this segment.
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