National Service

Topics: Negeri Sembilan, WASH, Friendship Pages: 3 (1249 words) Published: June 9, 2013
Last December, I went to Taiwan with my family. I didn’t know that there was a “good” news awaiting me at home. When I came back from wonderful trip, I saw a letter put on my table nicely. What?! I was amongst the first batch of trainees to be appointed to Kem PLKN Titian Bintangor, Rembau, Negeri Sembilan. I broke down after I opened the envelop and scan the content. I had the urge to tear the letter into pieces. In my entire life, I never knew about the existence of Rembau in Malaysia until I received the letter. I wanted to escape from National Service badly because I heard from many people that life during National Service is not fun. I had also been told that it is like a concentration camp where people are tortured. I thought of registering myself into a college so that I can escape from going for National Service, but my parents would not allow me to do it. They insisted me to attend the National Service. Because of that, I argued with my parents. One day, my cousin called me. She told me many funny things about her experience during National Service. For that moment, I thought she was crazy. How can National Service be fun? She told me that National Service was not bad as I thought it was and that it was a precious opportunity to make me an independent, courageous and mature person. She said: “before you give a try, how would you know whether it is fun.” After talking to her, I decided attend National Service as opportunity knocks but once. My camp was set deep in the forest and it was surrounded by dense foliage. There was a big difference between life at home and life in the camp. At home, there was an air-conditioner in my personal room. I never had to wash my clothes by myself; I just had to throw them into the washing machine. After every meals, I never had to wash my dishes and my mom had always been the one who washes them. I can even wake up as late as 10am or 11am every day. On the contrary, lifestyle in the camp was totally the opposite. In the...
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