Narrative Essay

Topics: Parachuting, Debut albums, Jump Pages: 4 (1700 words) Published: March 29, 2011
The Wildest Experience of My Life

Carl S. Fricke

English Composition 1
So my last weekend before being deployed has finally arrived. I wanted to do something exciting, extreme - something I never would have imagined doing before – something that would take a lot of heart to do. Maybe even could be called a little crazy as others told me. Skydiving was something I had never done and certainly had never thought of doing until now. After doing some research online, I found a place only an hour away from home in Lumberton, Mississippi. In a way I was hoping there wouldn’t be a place local so that could have been my excuse not to do it. Once I started thinking about actually jumping out of a plane, I started to get nervous and have mixed feelings. Then I realized it can’t be any scarier than what I may encounter overseas; maybe it could even help me deal with some things while there. So after much debating and thought along with unsuccessfully trying to convince a few friends to join me, I booked my trip to jump. My trip was booked for Sunday, two days away! I still had a slight hope that one of my friends might change his mind, which didn’t happen. I already had mixed feeling about my “jump,” and I must admit the more I thought about actually doing it, the more nervous I became. I began feeling jittery, and for the first time I was more nervous about skydiving than I was about being deployed. And still for some reason I wanted to do this, almost felt like I had to. The morning of my jump arrived, and I was instructed to arrive one hour prior to my scheduled time. This means I had to be there at 10 a.m., and that didn’t leave me with much time to chicken out. The morning of, I began to do my usual morning routine, which consists of jogging and a simple shake for breakfast. I managed to go jogging, but once I returned home I couldn’t even start to drink my shake. So with all the excitement I decided to call my girlfriend at the time. In some way I...
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