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When I think about my father the word devoted comes to mind. He devotes his time to his country by being a marine and he devotes his love and attention to his family and friends. He is the type of guy that will do anything for anyone. When my brother, sister and I were still all in elementary school my father planned a big weekend ski trip for our family. Growing up it was hard for my family to take vacations and trips because my older brother is severely autistic so my dad wanted to make this weekend very special.

My dad spend weeks planning every detail of the trip, everything from where we would stay to what the best restaurants in the area were. He wanted to make the trip really special because we didn’t get to do things like this very often. The days leading up to the trip we would talk about how much fun we would have and how excited we were. When the day finally came my parents took off work and the kids got to miss school, so we all woke up bright and early and packed the car up.

We set off on the long car ride up to West Virginia where we were going to stay. My brother does not do well with crowds so my father rented a log cabin away from the busy resort that he heard of through a friend of a friend. On the drive there he told us all about the big bedrooms and beautiful views and every passing hour we got more and more anxious. When we finally arrived it was pitch black out. We had been up and down windy back roads through the mountains and we were what seemed like the middle of no where. My dad pulled up the long drive way and aimed the head lights at the front of the house. To our surprise there was not a beautiful log cabin waiting for us, but an old rusted trailer. My dad looked at his directions again, triple checked the address and unfortunately we were in the right place. He had made the mistake of renting the house without seeing any pictures of it and taking the word of his friend who hadn't been to the house since he went as a...
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