Mystic Monk Coffee

Topics: Nun, Monk, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Joseph Creighton

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Mystic Monk Coffee

The Wyoming Carmelite monastery was founded by Father Daniel Mary who lived as a Carmelite hermit in Minnesota before moving to Clark, Wyoming, to establish the new monastery. Soon after arriving in Wyoming, Father Daniel Mary had formed the vision of acquiring a new piece of land where he will be building a new monastery with accommodations for 30 monks. This new monastery that Father Daniel Mary has in vision will also be a retreat center for lay visitors, a Gothic Church, a convent for Carmelite nuns, and a hermitage. There were 13 monks dedicated to a life of prayer and worship in the Wyoming Carmelite monastery. Brother Elias, better known as Brother Java, was Mystic Monk Coffee’s master roaster; and ironically is not a coffee drinker. Mystic Monk Coffee had its own website that was responsible for the majority of their sales. Mystic Monk Coffee was also marketed on websites through the ShareASale participation program. A new larger roaster was quoted at $35,000. Father Daniel Mary had a set plan to maximize the potential of monastic opportunities, and realize his vision of buying the Irma Lake Ranch for $8.9 million dollars, and will be the location of the new monastery.

Father Daniel Mary is fully aware of the challenge he has in front of him in order to acquire the Irma Lake Ranch. I believe Father Daniel Mary has set definite objectives and performance targets for achieving his goal and I believe that starts with him realizing that the cloistered monastic environment offered unique challenges to operating a business enterprise, but also provides opportunities that were not available to secular businesses. Father Daniel Mary used the word of mouth among loyal customers as a marketing tool in Catholic parishes across the United States. Father Daniel Mary is also fortunate to receive donations, a $250,000 one in particular; but there is also a group of local business owners that had formed...
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