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Mysterious stories

Topics: Family, Grandparent / Pages: 1 (149 words) / Published: Dec 19th, 2014
Shakera Burchette
Ms. Ogunnika

My mysteries grandfather and I

Not everyone has a grandfather as special as mine; my grandpa name is Orange Burchette which was always weird to me growing up. Now that I’m older I realize he even looked orange. The most interesting thing about my grandpa was his conversations. Out of all his grandchildren I'm the only one he took on his walks and told Indian stories too. My family members are baffled as to what he talked about for such long periods of time. I’m still trying to figure out what was so special about me but I’m grateful he choose me. One of the things I regret since his death is He never got the chance to teach me how to play the guitar. His stories play a major part in my life today because they're based on wisdom on life.

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