My Wonder Woman

Topics: Debut albums, English-language films, Superhero Pages: 2 (797 words) Published: October 2, 2013
Do heroes really exist? Kids strongly believe so. They think that Batman, Hulk, Flash or Wonder Woman are real people; furthermore, children want to become like them and save the world from the evil character just like in the comics. Besides, infants want to have superpowers and wear as their heroes; they like to perform maneuvers and feel like a character. However, when kids grow up, they realize that their favorite role model never existed. Nevertheless, I can say that my super heroine really exists; she does not have super powers, nor can she save the world. My Wonder Woman goes beyond that a simple comic; she is my mother. She is the person who became my hero because she is hard working, supporting and understanding and trust worthy. My mom is a single mother; for that reason, she has two jobs, and that makes her a hard working person. My Wonder Woman starts her day at 5:00 clock in the morning; after waking up, she prepares breakfast and lunch for the family. Then she goes to her first job as a housewife in San Jose. My mother has to do the dishes, iron the clothes, and clean the whole house with the same love and dedication as she does in her house. My mom comes back at home around noon, and she has lunch. After that, she goes to rest for an hour. Later on, she has to go to her second job in Boston Scientific, as an operator worker. She works from 3:30p.m. to 10:00p.m; sometimes, my Wonder Woman has to work extra time from 10:00p.m to 3:30a.m. Even though my mother is very sick, I have never heard her complaining about her illness, and she continues working hard in her jobs without giving up. My Wonder Woman is also supporting and understanding. She keeps telling me not to give up no matter how complicated and difficult objectives are. For example, when I get a low in grade in exams, she always kindly talks to me and expects me to do it better the next time. Furthermore, my Wonder Woman guides me when I do not know what to do in any problem, and she...
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