My Toy Poodle Moca

Topics: Dog, Observation, Coat Pages: 2 (753 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Zebrina Robinson
February, 18, 2013
Russ Schwarz
Observation of My Toy Poodle Moca

As I began to observe my toy poodle Moca, whose name is owed the fact she’s silky and strangely the color of a Mocha Latte. At first glance I notice Moca like to watch me and if this was her paper as much as she observes me, she could write for days. Moca is very intelligent and very aware of her surroundings. She will inform you that there is no food or water in her bowls by scratching at the one that empty as if she saying I’m not going to stop until you get up and fill this bowl once you’ve picked up the bowl the fun begins. She starts whining and jumping up and down like she’s on a pogo stick trying to rush you. When it’s just me and Moca I tend to talk to her a lot and I’ve observed on a deeper level that she really is listening and a lot of things she really does understand. For instance, when I catch her doing wrong and I say “Get in your cage” she hangs her head in shame and proceeds to the cage.

When it comes to Moca’s, her mood for the most part is happy. I watched her and I realized as long as she has me she could care less about other people. When I leave and come back even if it’s only for a short period of time. She displays all these emotions as if, I was off to war and just return. She’s only about 6 lbs but the impact of her jumping on me you’d think she was the size of a German Sheppard. Now, when it comes to her bad side my teenage daughter brings that out of her… It’s something about her pointing her finger at Moca that drives this dog batty, you’d think my daughter’s finger was another dog trying to take her food or something. Oh and trash bags are not her friend, she bark at the trash bag every time without fail. It’s like she’s having an argument with this bag and I don’t why is it the rattling? Who knows?

Now let’s talk about observation of Moca when she is pregnant and that is right now… As she waddles around swollen like a tick about...
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