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Topics: International trade, Import, Export Pages: 1 (262 words) Published: September 6, 2011

The research that I was going to do is seek in what Mr. Rufus B. Rodriguez and Mr. Maximo B. Rodriguez, Jr. want to implement in the HB 1653.
This seeks to allow any person, doing business as importer or exporter, to represent himself or herself as customs broker, amending for the purpose Republic Act (RA) 9280, otherwise known as the Customs Brokers Act of 2004.

Section 6 of RA 9280 provides for the scope of the practice of customs brokers which includes, among others , preparation of customs requisite documents for imports and exports, declaration of customs duties and taxes, preparation, signing, filing, lodging and processing of import and, export entries, representing importers and exporters before any government agency and private entities in cases related to valuation and classification of imported articles, and rendering of other professional services in matters relating to customs and tariff laws its procedures and practices.

By allowing importers and exporters to exercise some of the services rendered by customs brokers, trade transaction are simplified, without the red tape, and the cost of transactions is considerably lessened. Moreover, Philippine products become more competitive in the world trade arena.

The bill likewise seeks to amend Section 27 of this same Act by allowing duly authorized representatives to sign import entries or export declarations thus avoiding red tape in the system.

This chapter presents the research design the sources of data, the respondents of the study, the research instrument used, the data gathering procedure, and statistical treatment of data.
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