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Topics: Evolution, Creationism, Scopes Trial Pages: 1 (386 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Video Critique #1 – January 16, 2013
Anthropology 101 – Prof. Huld

Evolution in Elementary Schools

Science books have been published for years. The topic of evolution being in biology books has been a problem for years. In class we watched a video called, “Judgment day” which exemplified how problematic the teaching of evolution is. The problem became so big with religion followers that an innocent physical education professor was convicted with a crime and taken to court for teaching evolution. Through out years I myself have learned about evolution. My first exposure to evolution made me question my religion and my family. Being raised in a very religious background I was thought that a superior being created humanity and the earth. Contrary to the previous in my elementary class I was thought differently. Evolution was introduced to me and it blew my mind. The evidence supporting the theory of evolution makes it a believable explanation to how we have evolved or changed slowly into the humans we are now and how our earth and surroundings have adapted with us through out years. My interest in evolution since my first exposure to it in Elementary has lead to read more about and want to study it in a similar field. There for a court ruling like The Scopes trial in 1925 where they banned the teaching of evolution to kids weere to have been continued and not changed then maybe I or many others would not have been introduced to evolution. Without evolution the continued studies of genetics and medicine would not be as advanced as they are now. It is Gratifying to watch a video and see how many people intersected in the banning of Evolution in Schools. Watching various scientist show testimony and proof of how evolution has credibility against inelegant design theory was truly an experience that makes me believe more in our human society. Sadly Inelegant design theory or Creationism in disguise will continue to try to make their way into books or school...
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