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Topics: Scopes Trial, William Jennings Bryan, Clarence Darrow Pages: 6 (2120 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Inherit the Wind Study Guide:


1. Why is the teacher arrested?
Bertham (Bert) Cates was teaching evolution to his high school biology students. 2. What is “Holy” to Henry Drummond?
The individual mind was “Holy” to Henry Drummond.
3. Initially, the men on the town council are upset about the trial. Why do they change their mind? Matthew Harrison Brady, who portrays William Jennings Bryan in real life, is coming to Hillsboro, Tennessee to be the prosecutor. This will bring many people to the town and it will be a known city on the map. 4. There is a banner draped across the front of the courthouse. Why is it an issue? What does Drummond want done about it? The banner reads, “Read your Bible”. It is an issue because it causes unfairness to a government system that should be fair for all parties, no matter the religious views. Drummond wants a banner that reads, “Read your Darwin” to create an unbiased court decision. 5. A lady asks Hornbeck if he needs a clean place to stay. What is his reply? His reply is, “He had a nice, clean place to stay, and then he came to Hillsboro.” 6. What, according to Brady, do the evolutionist forget about while they’re busy measuring the distance from the earth to the stars? Evolutionists forget who is holding the stars.

7. Who is characterized as the most agile legal mind of the twentieth century? E.K Hornbeck characterizes Henry Drummond as being the most agile legal mind of the twentieth century. 8. Who is characterized by Hornbeck as “grandpa”?

The monkey who is dressed up as a human smoking a cigarette. 9. Brady and Drummond know each other. How is that they are old acquaintances? Drummond supported and campaigned for Brady when he ran fro President 2 times. 10. When Hornbeck tells him he can’t win, Drummond responds with a comment that demonstrates his experience and his wisdom. What does Drummond say? He says that there are no total victories anywhere.

11. How does Drummond respond when Brady demands that the jurors conform to established standards? Why does he make an issue of “conformity”? Drummond says conformity may or may not run deep within a person. He makes it an issue because it is biased against Bert Cates. 12. According to Drummond, what does Cates have to do to get everyone to like him? Cates will have to give up on what he believes in for people to like him, as well as not be punished for his “illegal” actions.

13. What circumstance has separated Sarah Brady and Henry Drummond? Their opposite views and the trial separate Sarah Brady and Henry Drummond. 14. Identify Solomon’s quote from the Book or Proverbs.

"He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind."
15. In several scenes, Inherit the Wind emphasizes Brady’s enormous appetite. Why?

16. Identify the books involved in the trial.
The books involved in the trial are The Holy Bible and On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin. 17. What’s at stake according to Brady? Drummond?
Brady- Fundamentalism (Strict maintenance of ancient or fundamental doctrines of any religion or ideology) Drummond- Freedom of Thought (people have the right to think) 18. What is Drummond trying to protect from “a lot of medieval nonsense”? Drummond is trying to protect the Constitution.

19. Why has Bert Cates stopped going to church?
Bert stopped going to church because of one of his favorite students, Tommy Stebbins. Tommy Stebbins one day drowned in a river and the town minister, Preacher Brown, who is the father of Rachel Brown, Cates’ fiancé, preached that the boy would suffer eternal damnation because his parents never had him baptized. 20. According to Rachel, Bert hasn’t abandoned G-d, but he has abandoned what? Bert has abandoned church, not G-d.

21. What twin evils are “forever busy and need feeding”? The twin evils are fanaticism and ignorance.
22. How does the town mob pervert the Battle Hymn of the Republic? The town mob sings the hymn while parading...
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