My Own Point of View on Juvenile Delequency

Topics: Juvenile delinquency, Crime, Psychology Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Juvenile delinquency is one of the hottest issues especially among our young people of today. We heard of thirteen year old involve in rape, killing, drug addiction, stealing, and many other unbelievable act a teenager can do. And these are but some forms of misbehavior involving the youth of today. But what exactly is juvenile delinquency? According to some psychologists, delinquents are those, whose behavioral pattern is contrary to the accepted rules. Some say that delinquents are those who violate the law, habitually disobedient and the like. But delinquents shouldn’t be treated as criminals but as maturing persons who need outmost guidance, love and support while they find their way towards life. But while these can be true, it should also be noted that these can never be considered as an accepted norm among young people simple because they are at this stage of life of trial and error but instead there should be a certain level of measurement where everyone, young and old is to be treated equally and be given fair and equal judgment. Social problems can have a big influence on this issue. Especially all those poor lost children in the dangerous streets, and the main causes of this problem are mainly the fear of shame and poverty. Another most concrete cause of juvenile delinquency relates to illegal couples abandoning their newly-born child, fearing the embarrassing and shameful gossip this event can produce. Thus, abandoning their illegal children to the streets seems the only solution. Another example would be a coward person, fleeing from his responsibility and leaving the poor woman raising her kids alone. It is hard for a woman to live in this kind of life for a long time that it usually result into abandoning her children as well just like what her partner did to her. Broken family is also an important cause of juvenile delinquency. In fact, the break-up of the parents' relation greatly affects children's psychology and behavior and suffering on this...
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