My Own Performance Ict Unit 2 Edexcel Cab

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My Own Performance
During the course of the project, I feel that I have worked well independently to produce an excellent set of products. I found it fairly challenging at times but I think that I have put in a lot of effort and work into creating products that are of a high quality. I made sure to listen well in lessons so I could fully understand the tasks, and I focused hard when creating the products to ensure that they would be of a high standard. For me, time management was the key to having a successful project, so in lessons I made sure that I worked quickly and effectively. However, this meant that some of the products were rushed so I spent a lot of my time improving them. Even though it allowed me to improve the products and make them as good as possible, other areas in the project such as the product evaluations, were rushed. I also had to prioritise the project above my other subjects, so I had to put a lot of hard work into making sure the project was satisfactory, whilst still completing homework for other subjects.

One thing that the project has helped me with is time management. I spent a lot of time improving products and this left little time for improving my evaluations, and this is an area I could focus on if I did the project again. Personally, I believe that if I had created a plan with a list of tasks and deadlines for them, I think the project I have produced would be much better and all the areas would've been covered accurately. Upon completion of the project, my time management skills have improved significantly and I am more likely to complete homework on time in my other subjects.

Without a doubt, my test user, Julie Bircham, has been invaluable to me during the project. She has given me some outstanding feedback, and her comments have influenced me to improve my products, come up with new ideas and make decisions. Having a test user was a great thing to have because without her opinion, I think that the products I have...
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