My Own Little World

Topics: Furniture, The Wall, Bean bag Pages: 1 (326 words) Published: October 4, 2010
The door to my office is nearly always closed. It's the place I go to read, work and discover in peace. Today, however, I'm inviting you in for a visit. As you open the door, notice the beautiful crucifix with its bright gold and maroon flowers; it joyfully reminds me to dedicate my work to God. Although the room is small, I hope you find it cozy. A big cheerful window lets in the morning sunshine, which saturates the room with its warmth and embraces us with light. Birds chirp outside, beckoning you to enter. An old-fashioned doctor's desk with brass drawer handles sits in front of the window, its wood full of nicks from many careless moves and the marks from once-teething puppies. May I introduce you to Sarahbelle, my friendly computer, who sits on top of the desk? When I turn her on, she'll whirl and chime the famous ‘Windows’ musical notes as if to cheerfully say “Good morning, Sarah”. That's my dog Frederick Von Dixon under the desk, snoring in harmony with Sarahbelle and the birds. Against the left wall are my book cases, sagging with the wise weight of cheap paperbacks, college text books, cookbooks, how-to manuals and a few expensive romance novels sprinkled in. A tropical purple orchid in a watercolor graces the wall across from us. Won't you have a seat in the tattered old black beanbag chair nestled in the other corner? I know you smell the freshly perked coffee. I made it especially for your visit. Use my favorite cup there on the tray; it's the one with me and my mother’s portraits at the same innocent age of 6 years old on it. Stay as long as you wish, but when you're ready to leave, be sure to close the door behind you. I like the peaceful security of this, my own little world.
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