My Look at Courageous the Movie

Topics: Want, Father, Family Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: October 11, 2012
Sarah Rickert
Mrs. Hesch
19 April 2011
My Look At Courageous the Movie
Courageous is a movie of inspiration that beholds how fathers should be of this generation. Fathers truly are the people that should hold this world together. This movie is about four characters that face crimes, not only in the world but also in their own families. A film that brings in the state of how fathers should be there for their kids. The guys in the movie notice they are missing the point though that they need to be a fatherly figure for their kids, show God to them. Bring a courageously person into figure giving your all is the first stage then commit to your family and will all fall into place. Inspiring me to forgive my dad of what he did in the past is over and now the future is present. My dad did do something wrong from cheating on my to leaving my family but now he has come back into my life. Apologizes to my mom and his kids, its hard to open my arms full heartily, but he's trying at least, I'm getting to see him more and I want to show him God more. I am not sure if he is a Christian I hope I am a light to him that pulls him closer to God. Movie also showed me that I need to work on myself to, need to get closer to God with giving my all to him. Not to go down a path that is disgraceful to God I want to make him happy, be his servant that honors him.

The social problems that are acknowledged in the film are how it introduces each character eight how it starts off with 2 girls pulling over to help the man that got jumped. That’s a reasonable thing that would happen women have always been once that have more compassion. Another scene is when it shows the Mexican family they are poor having that be their stereotype. Showing a lot of racism being pointed out from always-black guys being pulled over with conflict. The hood was a place where black people lived. Something I thought was very interesting is when the 5 guys make the commitment to God to be a...
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