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Topics: Learning, Self-awareness, Education Pages: 3 (753 words) Published: September 21, 2013
The advantages of group learning
As students are trained in the form of credits you probably already know and familiar with concepts such as group exercises , group discussions , group work ...

But not with any student or group of students who also exploit the positive approach of this study . The cause of this situation comes from the students who , or sometimes from the other objective reasons .

The advantage of this method of learning is almost always students aware and undeniable . Learning environment group will actively promote the learning of individuals , creating cohesion in a community . While working in groups , the contradictions that arise from student to resolve " conflicts " . From there , they will have the ability to resolve conflicts , to convince others of the situation may be encountered in later life .

The spirit of learning and the ability to listen to others and will be what students will learn . These skills are very important when you step out of the work environment and this would be a good premise to know how to work in a team environment .

Work , group discussions, not merely at the request of teachers set for students , but more importantly it is the study of student research . Study groups will gather opinions of individual creativity , from which the product will be rich academic creativity . The best method will be selected from the comments yet. Learning products will now also be the result of all the members .

School groups are not effective , why ?
The positive aspects of group learning methods is undeniable . But no group of students also achieved the highest results with this method of learning , even sometimes some students feel it brings a lot of forms and achieve less effective than individual work people . So the reason why ?

First, a number of students considered that the group work exercise of collective psychology so often " not my job " , everyone except himself . As a result, " no one common...
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