My identity

Topics: Love, Meaning of life Pages: 4 (1601 words) Published: October 22, 2014
My Identity; the Influence that people have in my Life
Everyone has identity; not matter how he/she looks, not matter what he/she does and not matter how old he/she is. The problem about identity is that not many people do not know how to identify themselves as. Many people try to identify as persons that they are not, or many get their identity from the influence that people have on them. For example, my friend Anthony is a great example of a person identifying himself as someone that he is not and people influencing his identity. I remember he would identify himself as a moral and honest kid, but truly he was one of the biggest liars and robbers that I ever met. One time I caught him stealing school supplies from his chemistry teacher. Another time, I caught him lying to my English teacher that he wasn’t able to do his homework, because his grandma was really sick; when I visit him supposedly to do homework, he just didn’t want do it, and his grandma was completely fine. Anthony acted this way because of the influences that his family had him; his mom would always lie to him about everything, and everyday he would see his dad stealing stuff and taking it home. The influence that Anthony’s parents had on him, made him what he is now. For me, my dad, my pastor Lemus, and youth leader Byron play a big role in influencing the person that I am today. To begin with, my dad has influenced my identity in several ways. First, my dad taught me value of hard work. For instance, every day he wakes up at 4:00 am, and he comes back at 6:00 pm. Even though, he is a single parent, he manages himself to pay rent, bills and buy what my sisters and I need.Even though he has two jobs, he stills gets home to cook, and clean the house.Watching my dad work hard; it pushes me to work hard in school, in my job and in my house whenever I can. Second, my dad has also taught me that actions counts more than words when it comes to show love. For example, when my mom abandoned my...
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