My Favourite Place in the U.S.

Topics: New York City, Manhattan, World Trade Center Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: January 6, 2011
My favourite place in the U.S.

The best place in the World is New York. It is a place where you can see magnificent things. It is the biggest city in the world and the capital of world’s economy. There isn’t something you can’t find in NYC. Manhattan is the wealthiest area of the city, actually it is a group of islands in Hudson River. In this area there are stores of the most famous brands in the world, there is everything from clothes and restaurants to electronics and luxurious hotels. The World’s biggest Stock Market is in Wall Street in Lower Manhattan which gives the city the right to be called The Capital of the World. Brooklyn bridge is something that symbolises NYC. The former World Trade Centre was another of the most significant places to visit in New York, unfortunately the two buildings of the Trade Centre were destroyed in 9/11 attacks by the Al-Qaeda terroristic organisation. However, the most recognisable symbol of New York City is the Statue of Liberty placed on the Liberty Island in the New York Harbour. This monument was built by the French architect Frederic Bartholdi and was originally located in the Luxembourg Gardens, the gardens of the French Senate. The French people gave the statue to the Americans as symbol of support for the American Revolution for independence. In the past when the only way to get to the American Lands was by sea, the first thing the people from the ships saw was the Statue of Liberty. The Headquarters of the United Nations organisation is in New York City, which makes the city the heart of diplomacy and democracy. This complex of several buildings is located by the Turtle Bay in Manhattan. Each year, the Heads of each and every country of the World visits this place to participate in the annual session of the General Assembly of the United Nations. This sessions are of extremely big importance for the development of the World’s diplomacy because you can find all of the relevant factors in World’s politics in one...
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