My Fair Lady

Topics: My Fair Lady, Gentleman, Manners Pages: 2 (810 words) Published: March 16, 2011
My fair lady

When I started watching this movie in the class, I thought it would be a little bit boring and it is just kind of classical old movie. But it was not true. ‘My fair lady’ was really interesting and a great enjoyment to me. As soon as the movie started, Eliza Doolittle’s voice brought me to attention to the movie. Her cracking voice and pronunciation which I never heard were good enough to pay attention to the movie. Also the atmosphere based on the early 1900s’ London captured me. Before I watched ‘my fair lady’, I didn’t know anything about the movie, so I expected Eliza is a pretty and cultured woman. But Eliza was just countrified flower woman. It was also very surprising me. After she met the professor Higgins who studies phonetics, she started to change to be an educated and cultured woman. The professor Henry Higgins took a bet from Colonel Pickering who has studied Indian dialects that he can make Eliza become a real lady. Higgins taught Eliza the correct speech and manners. Higgins always regards himself as a gentleman, but I can say that he is devil for Eliza through the scene in which he taught Eliza the manners and how to be a lady. He forced Eliza to speak all day long, even it lasted until dawn. I hated that Higgins was always treat himself as distinguished and kindhearted person. He always pretended to gentleman who doesn’t gets along with women. I totally disagree with his aspect because eventually he also was getting liked Eliza to whom he always gives hard time. According to this, he was no more than an unpretentious man. As time passed, Eliza got used to speaking correct English and manners so she could join the party. I really liked this scene in which Eliza went to the party. Eliza became totally different woman from the first Eliza. That was Eliza who I expected at first. First time when she went to the party, she made some mistakes regarding the subject of her speech in a fierce tone of voice. Eliza made good...
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