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Topics: Family, Mother, Larry Schwarz Pages: 4 (1625 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Thumb wrestling federation Regan Lee Block C/D

Paolo!! Paolo! My mother said, Paolo what did I say about watching those thumb wrestling matches” “come on ma what has thumb wrestling ever done to you” said Paolo “you know what I finally think your old enough to know. Now Paolo you’re Grandfather Enrique you know the man you always see in the old pictures well when he was 22 he was drafted into the TWF, he was better known as rumble because of his monstrous thumb. Anyway he was knocking out star players like sushi and tomcat and many more. Now It was about 1972 when Enrique was in the running for rookie of the year with star boy who was a small but fast little wrestler. Throughout the season star boy and rumble never met so they stayed undefeated until the championship of 73. Now at this time Enrique and I had two little angels your dear mother Maria and your uncle Ricardo. Ever since this rookie of the year business, he started straying away from us he spent all of his time at the gym, started coming home later and later, he forgot birthdays, anniversaries, events, reunions he even missed his mother’s own funeral. Now the night of the 73 championships rolled around and Enrique kept on telling me about this secret move that he was going to do to win the fight, and man it was amazing almost to amazing. Now it was the second or the third round of the 73 championship match and both rumble and star boy were dead even until your grandfather sneaked in two brutal smashes two star boys top knuckle and then he saw the chance for his new move star boy was on the ground and rumble hopped on the ropes he bounced once twice three times and whooo he flew up into the air almost touching the ceiling and on his descent every body started chanting cork screw cork screw. Enrique started twisting slowly at first and then faster and faster until he just looked like a ball of gray and just before he touched the ground Enrique boomed out 3 words, um it was poo me sha...
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