My dream

Topics: Leonardo da Vinci, Hovercraft, Leonardo da Vinci's personal life Pages: 1 (709 words) Published: November 2, 2014
First, my town will be built near Hawaii. Since Hawaii is clear out in the middle of nowhere, we will first have to build another island. The island will be called Humahumanukanukaapuaa. For those of you who dont know, that just so happens to be Hawaiis State fish Anyway, the island wont be too big, but big enough for a city, ten malls, six amusement parks, four water parks, and a gigantic soccer stadium. Why not add a Wal-Mart It will be the first Wal-Mart near Hawaii We cant forget the ABC stores that are famous in Hawaii When I was there two weeks ago, there was an ABC store on at least every single corner It was amazing Of course, we might have to import some palm trees and other various plants. Like I said before, the grass will be bouncy and multicolored The roads will be in the sky, not on the ground, therefor making the cars hovercraft cars. (Ive always wanted one of those) If you do decide to travel on the ground, the type of transportation you will use is a Segway. Those things are so cool Everybody will have the chance of an education, due to the fact that there will be 6 different school four elementary schools two high schools and one college. There will be no tuition for any of the schools. The schools will be painted various colors, whatever the teachers choose. On the playgrounds, there will be small huts with gaming systems inside. The malls there will be four stories high. The water parks will have every water ride you can think of Same with the amusement parks There would be zoos for the families and movie theaters too For recreational purposes, there will be a gigantic sports park big enough for plenty of games to take place all at the same time. Everybodys house will be at least 3 stories and will contain 4 bathrooms, 7 bedrooms, and 3 kitchens. Each house will be equipped with new, the state of the art technology, including a robot that does all the household chores for you. Robots will basically be running the...
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