My Autobiography

Topics: Meaning of life, High school, Quezon City Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: May 21, 2012
My autobiography

I, Ailaine Mae Cobong, was born on April 1, 1994 at Taliwa, Malitbog, Souther Leyte. My father left me since i was in my mother’s womb. My mother, Merlina Cobong-Diola, is a housekeeper in Makati. She married to another man. She gave me 3 siblings. I'm the eldest . My sister, Meljay, is an incoming sophoromore student. My brother, Stephen, is an incoming grade 2 pupil. And, the youngest, Mark Gerald, is still 5 years old.

Who I am in life.. 

I started school when I was seven-years-old. I went to kindergarten at Malitbog Central School and transferred to Santo Nin Academy when i was Grade 1. Later on, I transfered to Signal Village Elementary School in Taguig for grades 2 and 3. I got an award for being “behave” in the class. And got the first place. Then I returned Malitbog Central School and graduated there. When I turned to highschool, I entered back Santo Nino Academy and graduated there. I am now a sophomore turning to junior (hopefully) nursing student at New Era University, Quezon City.

What life means to me.

When we say life, the first thing that comes to my mind is being alive in this world of ours. But that is not just it, it also includes experiencing the things that life could offer you. Life could be good and sometimes be cruel. For me, Life means existing in this world and experiencing all the things that it could offer you. Living the life to the fullest, such an easy to understand qoute, yet, living these words into life is difficult. You’ll have to have a purpose in life to drive you into fullfilling life. For now, my purpose is to become a good daughter to my mother. And im willing to do everything to please her. And why i take up nursing, its because i value life.


I am a nursing student. I want to learn how to give importance and taking care of the people around me. Its how I value life. If I’d be lucky enough to graduate in this course, i would grab every oppurtunity to take good care of...
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