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How To Grow Magic Mushrooms
An Easier Method

The Joys Of Mushroom Gardening

The method presented here is recommended for people who have tried another method of growing magic mushrooms and failed. This method is not recommended for first time growers. It is easy and will work very well but the yield will be smaller than using the mushroom grow guides here and here. Both are free and recommended for first time growers. Even if you decide to use this method, read other grow guides. Make sure you understand what you are doing and how things work before attempting to grow magic mushrooms. This procedure calls for growing magic mushroom from spore prints or syringes on rice.

Most of this information is based on information found in a book entitled mushroom cultivator. I feel the need to mention that I'm giving you this information for informational purposes only. I don't expect you or anyone else to actually undertake any of the techniques I will describe below, if doing so violates the law. I wouldn't give you this information if I thought you might do something illegal. Before I describe the technique I use, I'd like to say that there are many methods of growing 'shrooms, some more difficult than others, and I am simply presenting the method which has worked well for me. Using this method, I've never had a dud batch, they've always fruited readily, and I've never poisoned myself or others with contaminated 'shrooms. I should mention again, however, that the procedure I describe is not one which will give maximum yields of mushrooms but it is easier than most, if not all other growing methods. It does have the advantage that the growing medium itself can be ingested for psychedelic effects (see section on storing and eating magic mushrooms).

Materials Needed To Grow Magic Mushrooms
• A pressure cooker, any size, but preferably one with 17 quart liquid capacity (this is the most expensive item, but I consider it a necessity for this method to work). • 12 (or more) new canning jars, 1 quart size, preferably wide mouthed, with lids. • A box/bag of brown rice with no preservatives -- NOT white rice. Long grain/wild rice might also be a good growing medium, maybe even better than regular brown rice, although I'm not positive about this. I once used a half-and-half mix of brown rice and Long grain wild rice which worked fine. However, a possible disadvantage to using the long grain/wild rice is that any contaminants such as dark-colored molds will be more difficult to spot in the growing medium. Preservatives are added to rice to stop the growth of fungus, bacteria, and other things that might present a health risk to humans. Because the rice is providing nutrition to the mushrooms (a fungus), anything that stops or slows the growth of fungus is to be avoided or the mushrooms will not be able to survive. • A clean place to store your jars, should have a relatively constant temperature. The optimum for starting the 'shrooms is about 86 F, but a room temperature of 70 F works fairly well. Remember though as the temperature falls below 86 F the growth rate slows. Storing the jars in a fridge will stop growth but will not kill the mushrooms. When you take the jars out of the fridge, growth will resume. Keep temperatures below 90 F for most species of mushrooms. Too much heat will slow growth and eventually kill the mushrooms. You want a place that's dust and bug free. Closet shelves are fine, in my experience. You don't want the storage area to be airtight. Shrooms have to breathe just like any other living organism. Everything must be AS STERILE AS POSSIBLE. Making some kind of super clean box to store the jars in is recommended, but not necessary using this method.

Using A Sporeprint Will Require
• A sporeprint from a strain of psychedelic mushrooms. Make sure it's the real thing, and that it's not contaminated with anything, dust, for example. • Something to scrape the spores off...
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