MSU’s Different Dormitory Issues

Topics: Hygiene, Student, University Pages: 6 (1300 words) Published: August 17, 2014

MSU’s Different Dormitory Issues

A Term Paper Presented to Professor Corazon U. Morgia Department of English College of Social Sciences and Humanities Mindanao State University Marawi City

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Course English2-Vv3 (Writing in the Discipline) Second Semester, 2013-2014

Presented By Mamua, Norhanissa P.
Title: MSU’s Different Dormitory Issues

Thesis Statement: Not all dormitories in Mindanao State University can offer such fine abode. There are some issues about MSU dormitories. Such they can never be a help to lessen the longing of the students but rather adds their burden.

Introduction: MSU dormitories are exposed in some issues. This paper aims to point out the common problems in a dormitory.

I. Background of MSU dormitory

A. Ladies and men’s dormitories B. Overview the housing management Division

II. Living in a dormitory

A. Advantages
B. Disadvantages
1. Water
2. Electricity
3. Security
4. Cleanliness
5. Privacy
6. Facilities

III. A Safe-Dormitory Checklist

Conclusion: Despite the issues, all can do to lessen them, residents should always follow the dormitory rules and regulations. They should act according to the proper norms of conduct and responsibility.

Background of MSU Dormitories

Dormitory serves as a refuge to students. The “home away from home”. Nothing can be tantamount to what a real home gives. But at least dormitory temporarily shelters the students; giving them the needs and necessities while they are enduring the battle of an academe setting. After an exhausting day, there is a tidy, safe and sound dormitory that awaits them. This could somehow compensate to the struggle of being away from home just to reach their aspirations in life.

A.Overview the housing management division

Management division supervises student dormitories and residence halls for faculty, staff and other MSU employees in accordance with approved rules and regulations. It also administers the stablished housing policies to the university- owned housing units under its supervision are nine student dormitories , four of which are for males and five for the females, two for the females. For the faculty, staff and other own respective managements that implement housing policies rules and regulations for each particular units.

Living in a Dormitory


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