Mri of Breast Cancer

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MRI of Breast Cancer
Currently there are about 120 million women worldwide each year diagnosed with breast cancer, and there are 50 million women die of breast cancer. Therefore early diagnosis of breast cancer is very important. Then, how the breast MRI is the imaging. And what is the application of MRI in the diagnosis of breast cancer. Further more, I will talk about what are the advantages of MRI breast imaging compared with conventional imaging methods? Also , the limitations of breast MRI examin ation are important to be concerned about. Last, I will talk about what remains to be done in the MRI diagnosis of breast cancer.

Key words: MRI, breast cancer, early diagnosis, advantage, limitation

Breast cancer is one of the most common malignanc y of women, which usually occurs in breast epithelial tissue, and it is one of the most common malignant tumor that seriously affects women's physical and mental health and even it is life -threatening. According to statistics, the incidence rate is 7 to 10 percent of various malignant tumors of whole body. It's often associated with genetic disease. And the women who are 40 to 60 years old, and are post-menopausal have a higher prevalence. Only about 1-2% of breast patients were male.

The information above indicates the significance of breast cancer for early diagnosis. Early diagnosis of breast cancer is very important. Currently there are about 120 million women worldwide each year diagnosed with breast cancer, and there are 50 million women die of breast cancer. Therefore, how to effectively control the occurrence and development of breast cancer has become imperative. Most scholars believe that

during the prevention and treatment of cancer, the secondary prevention of cancer, that is immediate-early investigation, early diagnosis and treatment will be the efficacy direction to obtain substantial increase in solid tumors for a long time in the future. For breast cancer, early detection is the key to improve the prognosis and improve the survival rate. Therefore, improving the accuracy of early diagnosis of breast cancer can greatly reduce the appearance of advanced breast cancer and reduce mortality, so early diagnosis of breast cancer is of great significance.

In recent years, breast conserving surgery and postoperativeradiation therapy combination therapy has become the main treatment of early breast cancer in the United States and Europe. Many studies indicate after breast conserving surgery ,the patients have 90 percent of living more 10 years. Current ly, the clinical mostly use physical examination, mammography and ultrasound to evaluate and select breast conserving surgery, but there are some subjective in physical examination, and the test results depend heavily on the examiner's clinical experience. The mammography and ultrasound have lower sensitivity , so the preoperative evaluation of the results is unsatisfactory. MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) with good soft tissue resolution and no radiation damage, has high sensitivity for the discovery and exclusion of breast lesions , and can clearly show the normal breast anatomy and fine structure of lesions, so it can provide the information that mammography and ultrasound can not provide. Routine examination shows that,

for breast cancer patients, preoperative MRI

examination can can detect additional malignant lesions, thus changing the treatment of breast cancer. MRI can more accurately evaluate the extent of the tumor, and play the complementary role when the conventional imaging underestimated orov erestimated tumor extent.

You may want to ask what is MRI, the following is some definition for MRI. MRI, also known as magnetic resonance imaging uses nuclear magnetic resonance theory, to detecte the emitted electromagnetic waves by external gradient magnetic field,

whereby the image of the internal structure of objects can be drawn. Therefore MRI obtain a wide range of applications in...
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