Mr X case study

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In this essay I will be exploring the various issues raised when a therapist initially meets a new client, including ascertaining personal circumstances and applying ethical and safe practice. I will also be looking at the importance of communication and understanding between client and practitioner.  When a therapist first meets with a new client, it is necessary to establish several things in order to know whether they can work together. These include background and personal circumstances of the client, previous experiences (if any) of therapy, medical and psychiatric history and very importantly, why they are seeking therapy. This first conversation is also an opportunity for the client to ask any questions they may have and to discuss the details of how the sessions will potentially work. If the therapist is happy that they can begin a therapeutic relationship with that person they can then go on to establish which modality they are most lead by in order to create the best screed and approach and also how susceptible they may be to hypnosis.  There are several ways to determine this and some are more suitable than others in terms of time constraints while in consultation. A practitioner may wish to use the Balloon/Lead Test or the Eye Roll Test as these are most suitable for use in this environment. The problem with using tests to try and discover if someone is open to hypnosis is that if the client fails the test they could lose confidence in hypnotherapy or in their potential ability to be assisted by it. Equally however, if the person passes the test this will instill confidence in the practice but this could ultimately override the ability for it to be carried out successfully. Either way conducting these tests can have a detrimental effect on the success of hypnotherapy, but can also provide a useful tool. Stage hypnotists tend to use these methods more than therapists as it is a quick way of determining who amongst their audience will allow them to create the most effective show.  There are many reasons why it’s so important to conduct a thorough initial consultation and they are predominantly to safeguard both the client and the therapist. It’s vital to address any potential problems that could arise that could be damaging to the either party, for example, knowing when to refer the client to another professional if they are not suitable for hypnotherapy. Reasons for this could be that the client is suffering from a psychiatric disorder that it’s not appropriate to use hypnosis with. Taking note of any medication used by the client will indicate certain factors that will help in assessing suitability for hypnotherapy.  A therapist can request consent from a client to contact their GP should there be any need for clarification on whether or not therapy can commence.  The therapist may know or have a personal link to the client in which case it would unethical to continue as it would establish a ‘dual relationship’.  This is not appropriate because the information known about someone will bias the process and could allow for suggestions to be made based on the therapist’s own opinions or knowledge of that person. Additionally, there are of course certain issues that cannot be aided by hypnotherapy and it’s vital the practitioner is aware of their limitations and honest with the client around what can feasibly be achieved. Treating a client who is using anti-depressants or anti-psychotic medication, or those with drug or alcohol addiction would not be appropriate. Firstly, it’s necessary to conduct the ‘notation’. This is the act of gathering certain information, from contact details and family circumstances to a basic understanding of the client’s personal background and issues, for example, any problems they may feel they are experiencing at work, at home or financially etc. It’s advisable to have a template to work...
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