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Topics: Brokeback Mountain, Marriage, Samuel Beckett Pages: 3 (663 words) Published: April 21, 2014
To collect more research about Earthly beings I decided to watch the film Brokeback Mountain, directed by Ang Lee. Ang Lee is from Taiwan but directs and produces many American films. Although this film was made in 2005 it takes place in 1963 Wyoming when two sheepherders first meet. They begin their journey as strangers doing a job on the mountain and become romantically involved with one another. At first this seems to be a one-time deal, for the one character, Ennis, is to be married to a woman when he returns home. However as years pass the men reunite and have a week back on the mountain where they rekindle what they once had before. Throughout the movie very strong waves of emotions are shown. These men are depicted as cowboys who are seen as what appears as the most “manliest of men”. With that being said they have many internal struggles with themselves due to these mixed emotions. They must keep their love affair not only a secret from the community but also a secret from their wives. It appears that if they express whom they truly love in the community, or let it be known what they do, they would be brutally murdered by others in the community. They are forced to only love women. They try their best to carry on what is considered normal lives of that time. Both men marry women and have children. They hold respectable jobs and are good fathers to their children. However there lies tension within the spouses when it comes time for their monthly fishing trips. So much tension between the one man and his wife that it leads them to be divorced.

Throughout the entire film you see how these characters change and evolve within themselves. Both characters, Jack and Ennis, evolve in the way that before they met each other they believe themselves to be interested in women, and only women. When Jack first initiates the romantic involvement, you see the struggle and resistance between the two men, yet quickly Ennis takes control. However after...
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