Movie Report a Thousand Words

Topics: Feng shui, Jack McCall, Luck Pages: 6 (2294 words) Published: January 23, 2013
Jack McCall is a book agent working in a company. One day he propose to sell a book that will be written by Dr. Sinja a religous leader who is popular to many people for his teachings and healing. Jack visit on of sessions of Dr. Sinja while he is meditating he act like he sees the blue pearl but he doesn’t he just act like that doesn’t have knowledge about the blue pearl, he only do it so he can talk and negotiate to Dr. Sinja about writing a book for him to sell. While they are talking Jack saw a tree called Bodhi at Sinja’s backyard he touch and have a scratch, saying that the tree bite him afterwards Dr. Sinja agree to write a book to be publish for Jack and to the company he works. On the other hand Caroline talk to Jack about buying and transferring to a new house but Jack decline and suggest that to just renovate a room for Tyler but Caroline gets mad then a earthquake occurs but actually a tree same as at Dr. Sanji’s place appear at Jacks yard, not knowing why it happens. The book written by Dr. Sinja is delivered to Jack and his secretary Aaron question him if he read the book but Jack doesn’t read a whole book only looking a the first words of the first and last pages of it, but then Aaron inform him that it’s only five pages and he show it to Jack. He hurriedly goes to Dr. Sinja and ask why it is only five pages Sinja said that it’s a summary. He also said that Sinja sent him a tree but Sinja doesn’t so he takes a look at it. At Jack’s yard Sinja observe the tree and tell Jack that every time he speak the tree leaves fall that Jack and the tree is connected and when all the leaves fall he will die as the trees. Jack doesn’t believe it at first but afterwards he conserve his words have a hard time dealing with his work and as well as to his wife in result he lose his job and he lose his family. He lost hopes Sinja doesn’t know what to do but he gives him a pieces of advices. He got drank play a cd and sing a song makes all the leaves few. When he awakes he visit his mom and he said that he love his mom and goodbye, he visit Caroline and Tyler he said that “you, me, we, eternity and then leave. He visit his father’s tomb and said “I forgive you”, then the remaining leaves gone he died but he return to life again he got a call from Aaron told him that all the leaves are back. After what happen Jack decided to write a book named “A thousand words” make his past company which he works publish it as Aaron have his past position in the company and acting like Jack’s character before then a tree same as Bodhi tree was delivered to him. Jack bring Caroline and Tyler to the home Caroline what to lived in and tell Caroline that he own the house and buy it for them, Then Tyler talk copying Jack Saying “boom, boom, boom Jack and Caroline became a lot happier. THE END. III. CAST

The main character of story he talks a lot many of it are non sense or out of the topic while communicating. He doesn’t accept any opinions and doesn’t read books fully only at the first words of the first and last pages at first but in the end he change. He is the father of Tyler and the husband of Caroline. He hates his father for leaving him and his mother.

The wife of Jack and mother of Tyler. She loves Jack so much as to his son.
The baby of Jack and Caroline.
Mother of Jack, she’s at the home for the aged, she call Jack as Raymond but Raymond is her husband Jack’s father.
He is a religious leader, holistic leader, and a new age dispenser of wisdom. The person who gives advice to Jack McCall. Jack’s target of him being as a book agent.

The story is about loving our family and on forgiving person/s that do badly to you. Accepting opinions and don’t be self-minded. Rerouting the path of...
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