Movement Guidance Device for Blind People

Topics: Image processing, Digital image, Blindness Pages: 10 (3244 words) Published: December 5, 2012

Miss. Gayatri Dandekar Miss. Deepti Kulkarni Student BE ENTC Student BE COMP MKSS’S Cummins College of Engineering For Women, Karvenagar, Pune-411052

Abstract -Now a day’s many systems are developed with various technologies which help the visually impaired people. Some systems are able to guide the user to their target but input from the user is not sufficient. Our paper deals with the state-of-art in field of technology assistive devices for blind people. It focuses on the use of image and video processing for converting visual data into rendering modality that will be appropriate for blind user. The system captures image of objects moving in front of blind people and generates a suitable count in the form of an audio signal which will be audible to the blind person and he can take the decision accordingly.

Keywords-Electronic travel aid, Charged coupled device, navigation aids, difference filters, threshold filters, histogram equalization, segmentation, feature extraction, erosion/dilation.

As life becomes more abundant the desire for higher levels of human welfare is being increased. Hence, interests in the quality of life become great not only for normal people but for handicapped people also. Handicapped people who have problems in their sensory systems live through various hardships, since human beings protect themselves from danger and respond to external stimuli by recognizing environmental information. Visual data contains a large number of information such as shape, color, roughness and motion of objects. The visual sensory system receives much more environmental information than any other sensory system. Hence, the visual system is not only important for the handicapped persons but also for the non handicapped persons. A visually disabled person can obtain much less information than any other kind of disabled person. [1] These drawbacks restrict their social and economic activities. Hence, a visual substitution in the form of a system can augment their social and economic activities. And this will remarkably improve the welfare of visually handicapped persons. In this paper we present an electronic travel aid (ETA) that can provide the visual information needed for the visually impaired persons to be able to walk safely. This paper basically presents a Movement Recognition and Audio Guidance Device for Visually Impaired People with some technological advancement. A CCD camera is used to capture the environmental information. Although there are many existing systems which are able to guide the user to their respective targets, during guidance the input from the user is not considered sufficient. The systems currently available in the market are very much expensive. This is because of the expensive software and hardware used to develop these products. These technological advancement, however, have not been matched by a suitable investigation of human-computer interaction (e.g. designing navigation aids for people who form different cognitive maps for navigation).This results in unnecessarily complex hardware and software. This system does not deal with any expensive software or hardware and this makes it very much feasible and affordable from market point of view for visually impaired persons. This paper presents an approach with the following aspects in mind: • The device is intended to operate as a real time visual system to detect and count the no. of people in front of the camera or screen. • The device should be able to generate the count of the no of moving objects and convert it into an audio output which will be audible to the user using headphones or headsets. • This...

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