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Topics: Best alternative to a negotiated agreement, Goal, France Pages: 4 (1091 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Pre-Negotiation Plan Form
IBA 351 – Dr. Baker

Your Name:
Name of Case:
Your Role in the Case:

Use this form to map out your strategy for each negotiation. Your answers must be typed and the form printed and turned in on the days noted in the syllabus. Answer each item as completely as you can. Instead of just stating the answer, explain why. Provide details where possible. Late forms not accepted. Emailed forms receive 10 points off. Handwritten work not accepted. 100 points available.

Summary of Negotiation. This section is worth 10 points.
1. Provide a basic synopsis of the negotiation. Who are the parties involved? What is the situation? (7 points) The parties are:
• The communes: represented by their mayors including Bailly, Coupvray, Chessy, and Magny. Bailly and other communes believe they are in the center of the storm that is not of their own making. Mouse and the French government worked out an agreement without soliciting their participation and then presented to them as a fait accompli. • Mouse representative: an MBA manager, representing EuroMouse, will represent mouse at the meeting. • National Government: an official who participated in the Master Agreement negotiations for the French government will represent the French government. The government has asked al the above parties to attend a meeting in order to discuss their various concern and to seek some sort of resolution.

2. Given the synopsis you just described, what are the reasons for this negotiation? (3 points)

Mouse expects to hire a large group of 18-26 years old age group. that should reduce the current 2% unemployment rate of that group in france. However, the town in which nearly all of the park’s employees will work are Chessy and Coupvray. The payroll tax would be divided almost equally between them.

The problem is that with the Mouse building this master project, there are so much traffic going through the commune. The commune is...
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