Mountain Dew

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Mountain Dew: Selecting New Creative
Back Ground
* Mountain Dew was invented by the Hartman Beverage Company in Knoxville, Tennessee in the late 1940s. The bright yellow-green drink in the green bottle packed a powerful citrus flavor, more sugars and more caffeine that other soft drinks and less carbonation so that it could be drunk quickly.

* Pepsi co. amazed by Dew’s success in what brand manager would come to call the “NASCAR belt”

* Mountain Dew is looking a new concept and Strategy on Brand and to determine what is the most appropriate decision; to sustain or to improve brand position in the market. And suggestion of conceptual process by which creative can be selected for Mountain Dew as part of a brand’s strategy

* These responsibilities included brand strategy, consumer and sales promotions, packaging, line extension, product change and sponsorship

* Each of ads would cost over a million dollar to produce

* Mountain Dew has to selected which ad will break the brand and must choose the right ad that giving the maximize impact of Mountain Dew with their relatively small media budget.

* Historically Pepsi Co management had learned that selecting the right creative was one of the most critical decisions they made in terms of impact of sales and profits

* Dilemma faced were: How to keep “Do the Dew” campaign that was entering its eighth year would still bring the brand is responding the growing threat from competitor

* Competitor the same time, the key competitor were raising their ad budget as competition in both Carbonated Soft Drink (CSD) and non-carbonated drink categories was heating up, sending Dew sales below targets.

* Choosing the right ads to maximize the impact of Mountain Dew’s relatively small media budget was a make or break decision Challenges
1. Limited budget

2. Many other brand sponsoring the same alternative sport as Mountain Dew that relied upon boost the market in...
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