Topics: Mobile phone, Strategy, Bob Galvin Pages: 4 (1334 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Motorola, Inc
Describe the salient opportunities and threats that exist in Motorola's external environment.
Motorola Inc. is an American-based multinational telecommunications company located in Schaumberg, Illinois. Motorola was founded by Joseph and Paul Galvin on September 25, 1928. Before the company was known as Motorola, it was known as the Galvin Manufacturing Corporation. By 1930, the Galvin Manufacturing Corporation adopted Motorola. It was adopted as the new trade name from that time on. In 1943, the company went public and changed their name to Motorola 4 years later. On January 4, 2011, Motorola had split into two independent public industries. They are Motorola Solutions and Motorola Mobility.  One of the most amusing things that I discovered is that the biggest opportunity is their wide range of products that are well placed in the market; when the military has a need, Motorola is there, and when public safety has a need; Motorola is there along with the general population. The biggest opportunity that Motorola has is their brands are well placed in the market with a very strong promotional strategy behind them. The company uses different tools to sway their customers towards an exciting era of innovation. Motorola has been involved in the venture of Telco TV services by Verizon.  This has provided the advantage to be placed in the rapidly growing market.  Also, Motorola, in comparison to its competitors, has a wide range of products that can allow it to easily enter the mature market where risk is extensively high.  Motorola has also expanded its products worldwide into foreign countries where it has started to penetrate into new markets. This allows Motorola to enter into a diverse area and will also help them to enhance their expertise. However, it’s not always good for Motorola to operate in a very dynamic market which makes it highly possible for increasing threats to occur. The biggest threat to Motorola is Japan, which is producing high...
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