Motivational Practice in Local and Multinational Organization in Pakistan

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Motivational Practices in Various Organizations



Submitted By
Syed Somair Mazhar8012
Muhammed Zubair7859
Muhammed Sohaib8166
Muhammed Maaz7489

Submitted to

Miss Ambreen Asad Khan

April 22, 2008

Letter of Transmittal

April 22, 2008

Miss Ambreen Asad Khan,

Dear Madam,

Here is the research report based on “Motivational Practices in various Organization”, which you had authorized and is ready for your perusal.

Through this report we’ve had a chance to learn a lot about the research strategies. This will help us in enhancing our entrepreneurial and creative skills.

If there be any clarification demanded, we would appreciate a call from you to our group members.


Syed Somair Mazhar8012
Muhammed Zubair7859
Muhammed Sohaib8166
Muhammed Maaz7489


By the grace of Allah Almighty, we have successfully completed the term report on our research project "Motivational Practices in various organization"

The project was assigned to us by Miss Ambreen Asad Khan. We are thankful to her for giving us a chance to learn about research strategies. This will help us in enhancing our entrepreneurial and creative skills.

Worthy of our gratitude is management of PakSuzuki, Servico House ltd., and National Textile mill for providing us different information. We thank different respondents from various organizations whom we have visited and got information. We thank our families for their support and coping up with our absences. Our class fellows and friends also helped us with their suggestions and ideas.

Finally, the members of the group are thankful to each other for supporting and complementing each other whenever need be.


Project Title and Description 5

Purpose of Research5

Background / Literature Review5-8

Research Design9

Sample Design9

Screening Questionnaire10

Consent Form11-12

Moderator guideline13-14

Interviews summary15-21

Analysis of Interviews22-24

Motivating Variables25

De-motivating Variables26


Survey Questionnaire28-30

Descriptive Statistic31

Frequency & Mode Distribution31-38

Median & Ranges of Ordinal Data38-41

Mean & Standard Deviation of Interval Data42-62

Inferential Statistic63-74


Project Title and Description

The topic that we have chosen for the project is “Motivational Practices in various Organizations.” In this research, the term ‘Motivation’ will be used to refer to as the internal and external forces that drive an individual to achieve a certain goal or accomplish something that will be measured with respect to monetary benefits, empowerment, carrier advancement, recognition and training.

Purpose of Research

The general purpose of this study is to determine the motivational practices in various organizations. A careful review of these questions areas led to the development of the following specific research objectives.

• To identify motivating factors for employees
• To determine the de-motivating factor for employees. • To analyze effective manager actions to create a motivated work place. Background / Literature Review
There are different theories pertaining to the subject. All of them deal with finding what drives an individual to be motivated. Some of those theories include Need, Goal-Setting, Reinforcement, Equity and Reinforcement Theories. At work, how well motivated employees are to carry out their duties and roles will have a significant influence on how the organization functions, the profits and even sickness levels, it can make or break the company.


• Employees greatly value the need for achievement and affiliation to their job and organization. • Effective managers either set clear, realistic and achievable...
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