Motivating Employees

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Motivating Employees

Motivating Employees
In today’s professional world an important part of business education is motivational theory; the motivation of employees will be discussed in this paper both intrinsic and extrinsic, I will explain how management can motivate their employees. Many things come into play when you get a job; some people know when they are hired that they should do their best, because that’s what is to be expected from them. Other people when they are hired feel they should only do the minimum and these people need to be motivated to want to do more work. There is also a point where people who do strive for the extra mile, lose interest in working hard if they feel it’s not worth it, they to then need to be re-motivated. We can use things such as monetary benefits, recognition and perks to help motivate people to work harder for instance; when working at the local McDonalds they had an employee of the month club, if you become employee of the month your name went into a drawing and at the end of the year the winner was awarded an extra hundred dollars visa gift card. When your team is motivated you will have higher numbers in production and profit, it also means that your members are more likely to someday be offered a higher position. In the business world of today it helps to be family friendly. Most customers appreciate a business that is comfortable with an entire family coming to their location. “Empowerment, job satisfaction, and family friendly” are popular words around businesses in today’s society. It describes the efforts put forth to improve the employee’s work and personal life. These ways of business life have not yet caught on everywhere yet. This is one of the biggest reasons that employees are disappointed and may leave a company. (Dutton, 1998) Intrinsic motivation comes from inside of one’s self, it the self-motivation one seeks. A manager can set certain rewards at a job for a job well done, but if one is...

References: (Dutton, 1998)
(Bainbridge, 2013)
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