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Mothers are better parents

By TobiasK1988 Jun 25, 2014 275 Words
Mothers are more attuned

Both parents can be equally good parents but overall, I do think mothers are a lot more attuned and responsive. It makes sense because they bear the child during pregnancy for nine months in their bodies! So you certainly feel the child already so close on that level. Something a father can never have and get. The mother knows the temperament of the baby even before it is born. After the baby is born she spends all day and night feeding, changing diaper, putting baby to sleep, playing with baby. So there is more experience and learning about baby that helps inform mom about how to raise this particular child. Like what works what don't. What the child likes and don't like. Also women are generally more relationship and emotionally oriented. This helps with providing emotional support and teaching social skills to child. Women also have a biological instinct. Fathers can sleep through a crying baby but mothers don't.

I strongly believe that mothers are better than fathers because they are more gentle,peaceful,kind and spend more time with the kids and when the mothers hatch you like an egg you would know they love you more than anyone in the world they know how to look after you and protect you from other people by defeating.

In conclusion mothers are better because they are looking after you gently not like the fathers just taking after you and just go run off someone else leaving you out alone with no one else wit you and when your parents get divorced your mum would look after you way better than father .

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