Mother To Son Poem Analysis

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Jason Sanchez
September 14, 2015

Thesis Statement: Both parents in each poem foreshadowed their lives on their child to improve their children’s outtake on life. By doing so they’re being a good role model and showing their child great leadership.

In the Poem, “Langston Hughs/Mother to Son(1926), Langston Hughs composed the structure of "Mother to Son" as a discussion between a mother and her child. The mother starts by explaining to her child how hard her life has been , by stating, "Life for me ain't been no crystal stair." The mother depicts the difficulties throughout her life utilizing images like torn up boards, splinters, tacks, bare floor with no carpet. She urges her that she never turned back and she still climbing in which he should do the same....

The relationship between a mother and her son can be related by between a parent and their child. the mother looks at the excursion through life to climbing a staircase. She says that for her life has not been a crystal staircase. she explains that her life has been entirely harsh. she has continued moving, she then pleads with her child that he should stroll in her path and continue advancing without turning back or surrender because it seems a bit tough. She needs him to take motivation from the way that she is enduring life's hardships. This can relate to parents throughout the nation who want what is best for their child.
In the poem, "Advice to My Son", by Peter Meinke embarks a loving and caring relationship between a parent and his or her child. It is genuine poem, which is shows the sympathetic it is, furthermore profound and intense the advise truly is. In this poem the parent grasps the importance of everyday advice, as well as help their child to rectify a question that lies at the contrast's heart between a wiser, knowledgeable, older parent, and inexperienced, naive young...
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