Mother Culture

Topics: Life, Earth, Culture Pages: 5 (1850 words) Published: February 27, 2013
“Mother Culture”
When, have we as humans decided that what was to be considered good, and evil, what is being done and what is tolerated? Mother culture, is what we as humans make it. This sense of how we are to live, what things in life we are to value. Who counts in the world, and who does not. Who rather as a voice and who cannot speak, this representation is one part of mother culture. This illusion that greatly influences how we categorize the world is mother culture. What is it that differentiates us humans from our environment? This notation that we can control everything around us for our own benefit, benefit as a whole society, as an individual and what we show worth towards, this potency mother culture has on our lives.

We humans as a society always want to systematize things. We place these idolizations on possessions, and ideas then we put them into neat little boxes, constantly streaming through our minds. Mother culture tells us from a very young age in American society what we are to strive for in life, what particular things we habitually will worship above all. Mother culture may be defined differently depending on the individual. The environment in which one grows and learns has a major role in how you will see the world, and what you as the individual will chose to contemplate on. As a whole society we have a mother culture, as well as the individual people within our society, the individual may also have their own person beliefs of what mother culture conveys to them.

To criticize what mother cultures says to many Americans today is to also disgrace what I have previously valued as my own mother culture for many years. To the average American they are almost not conscience of their own mother culture, even though they are so greatly dependent on it for their own personal self-fulfilling prophecies. Mother culture in America depicts power as something that we all want and need to have in our own lives.

Power after all is also a form of control; control of what is around you and for you to feel like something is beneath you; That you are exceptionally superior to other humans, and to your environment. You have the power to change the landscape, to flatten out what bothers you, to change it and fit your own personal appraisal of what would fit your mother culture. Money and greed are a major source of power in American culture. Money can buys us more than what others have; greed is to have more than the others around you. Who really knows where this part of our American mother culture came from, but it is true that we feel as a society that money is power.

Restraints on our freedoms are a commodity that we do not reckon with, all according to the typical American mother culture. Freedom in and of its self can be restricting. To the typical American freedom is everything to us; the compliance that it exists, and those people have a choice in what is to happen to our society. After all we have a demarcate government system, where we the people have the freedom to vote, and vote for people who we feel represent us in the most exceptional way. Freedom is where Americans can get a sense of perspective, but many times we cannot reflect these same freedoms on to our environment, and the living things among us.

Affluence among ones peers is a significant part of how one shows their representation of mother culture to the typical American. We as a society have a tenancy to be greedy to accumulate more, and more, even when it is not crucial to ones development or survival. For example to the typical American when your neighbor acquires a new boat, then you must acquire one as well, but not the same boat, it has to be one that is newer, bigger, or better in some form. I bet if you looked around in the typical Americans household you can find several things that one “must have,” but there it sits, stuffed away in a box or drawer or storage unit where you no longer use it. Although if someone were...
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