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Topics: Salem witch trials, Witchcraft, The Crucible Pages: 3 (438 words) Published: November 20, 2014
Morgan Lewis
Jo Moore
La 4th
27 October 2014
Abigail is to blame for the Salem witch trials because she lied about multiple times on several occasions. Abigail Williams bears the most guilt in the Salem Witch Trials because she manages to pin the whole thing on Tituba, she’s brought up Elizabeth proctors name in court on many occasions, and she and John proctor had a secret affair. First off, Abigail was the person who encouraged witchcraft but goes around blaming everyone else for doing it. She excites the other girls which allow them to condemn into witches. She riles up the entire village’s hatred of witches. Her main skill seems to be finding peoples flaws and mercilessly manipulating them to her advantage. Her ruthless cunning is shown again in Act ll when she frames Elizabeth proctor for using witch craft. Tituba practices “black magic” mainly because Abigail manipulates her into doing it. Tituba admits her supposed sin but we never find out what happens to her in the end. Another reason to blame Abigail for the start of the Salem witch trials is because she tried to frame Elizabeth proctor for doing witchcraft. Mary Warren is one of the girls who gets caught in the woods with Abigail and the others conjuring sprits. Mary knows that the only reason Abigail brought up Elizabeth’s name up in court was for vengeance. Mary was also there when Abigail had Tituba put a curse on Elizabeth and also knows about her affair with John. Mary agrees to go with John to testify against Abigail in court. Another reason Abigail uses Elizabeth’s name in court is because Elizabeth blackened Abigail’s name making her social status lower. Lastly, Abigail’s and Proctors affair. Abigail was the Proctor's servant girl, and while serving the Proctors John and Abigail have an affair. When their affair ended Abigail made it very clear that she wanted him back but John also made it clear that he didn’t. “Abby, I may think of you softly from time to time. But I will cut off my...
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