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Tutorial 1
Write down a summary for the construction of KLCC and describe what happen during

1. Inception * It was the idea and concept of the Prime Minister of Malaysia's Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad to build a building that would be identifiably Malaysian, that was of world class standards and which Malaysians could be proud of.

* Planning on the towers started on 1 January 1992 with several tests on the design.

2. Designed Planning * The towers were designed by the Argentine architect Cesar Pelli. - The design of each Tower's floor plate is by Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad based on simple Islamic geometric forms of two interlocking squares, creating a shape of eight-pointed stars. Architecturally, these forms describe important Islamic principles of "unity within unity, harmony, stability and rationality". - Designs and patterns of the entrance halls' foyer reflect traditional handicrafts and 'songket', or weaving. In addition, the wall panels and screens are also inspired by hardwood carvings from the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The floor designs are based on intricate patterns of pandan weaving and bertam palm wall matting. - Each Tower is set back five times in its ascent to maintain the vertical axis and tapering of the design. The walls of the uppermost floors are also sloped inward to taper and meet the pinnacle. - The Towers feature multi-faceted walls of 33,000 stainless steel and 55,000 glass panels. Vision Glass, specialized panels with light filtering and noise reduction properties, provide a comfortable inner environment. The glass is covered by stainless steel visors to further protect visitors from the tropical sun.

3. Construction - The construction of the superstructure commenced on 1 April 1994. - Test boreholes found that the original construction site effectively sat on the edge of a cliff. One half of the site was decayed limestone

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