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Monkeys, lords, and God-related beings, all play a big part in the Ramayana story. This story provides insights into many aspects of Indian culture and still today influences of the religion and art of modern India. The way people this story affected or influenced, reveals that for some people, Ramayana is really a lot more than simply just a story. The meaning of this story are found though the actions and personalities of the characters. This is story of adventure and friendship as well as a story of psychological insight, spiritual meaning and of wisdom. The author does a good job of representing all of these aspects throughout the novel. Culture, tradition, and the artistic medium all play important roles in understanding Valmiki's Ramayana and the illustration that goes with it. In order to understand the Ramayana you must understand the cultural context of the story. This story had a big impact on the art and culture in India, it not was only seen as a literary monument but as an essential part in Hinduism. Rama was the hero of the novel and is one of the most worshipped in the Hindu religion. According Enotes, in the Hindu tradition, Rama was an incarnation of the god Vishnu. It says the main purpose of the incarnation was to demonstrate the righteous path for all living creature on earth. People seen him as a great warrior and people also consider him a supreme being. Rama was sent though harsh tests, obstacles, and pains, he was pictured as the ideal man and the perfect human. He is respected, admired, and honored for his kindness, unending compassion, courage, and devotion to his beliefs and duties. When looking at the meaning or culture, the painting is also important to look at because it shows other sides or another interpretation of the meaning of the story. When looking at the text, you can see that Sugriva is seen as kind, giving, and brave. When you look at the picture you see that Sugriva and the group of monkeys we’re not wearing any clothes...
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