Money - a Modern Addiction

Topics: Twelve-step program, Addiction, Drug rehabilitation Pages: 2 (442 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Everyday you turn on the TV and there is a new support group for some addiction. A 12-step program for internet addiction, gambling, alcoholism, etc. These groups are a blessing to those who desire to make the changes in their lives and to know they are not alone. There is one addiction, however, that seem to have no ‘cure’ no 12 step program, and no true understanding – the obsession and addiction to money.

We work each day of our lives to support our families, provide shelter, food and clothing, an education for our children a save for our “golden years.” For some, however, it is more than that – money is an obsession.

Money is what they base their lives on. Having very little means they are a failure. What will people think if they do not have the newest car, the grandest house or throw the best parties? Money defines who they are. They will work 80 hours a week to accumulate more money, watching the dollars add up is a high that can never be reached.

The obsession with money, on some level is the product of advertising and of society. The TV is always giving us the newest item that we just have to have. There are the newest clothes that if you do not have them, you just won’t fit in.

If you read the news, when there is a downturn in the stock market what is a common reaction? Depression, anger, violence and sometimes suicide. Suicide because they feel they are a failure with their money, with other people’s money. The money has ruled their lives and becomes all they live for; money makes us feel worthy and safe.

Having money, always striving for more is a tool to draw attention, to boast, to show off and show superiority to others. Liken it to other addictions, such as drug addiction - life is base on finding the next high, each time the desire becomes greater a greater. When the high can not be reached, depression sets in and life no longer seems worth anything. In the same way money drives people to do things they would probably never do,...
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