Money Values

Topics: Chimney sweep, Industrial Revolution, Personal life Pages: 3 (947 words) Published: December 4, 2013
Throughout time society has always set limitations and has forced its values upon us. One thing this dynamic has achieved is the butchering of the meaning of happiness and how money can bring you that. Our advertising driven media are constantly telling us money or a product can bring you happiness. If we as humans are given a list of things to achieve in life, it would be to own a nice car, to live in a big house and, to have a successful career. All of these things all result in the same goal, to be happy. However, if one looks through the mist perpetually hindering his or her sight, one can see that those are merely depictions of happiness that the media gives and that many would find truer to life. We see a world of darkness and soot portrayed in the poem “The Chimney Sweeper” by William Blake through the eyes of indentured children longing to die. Then a world where the fulfillment of dreams is based upon material wealth, the Younger family strives to overcome their hardships as they search for happiness. As money has never been a way of life for the family, the insurance check's arrival brings each person to see the chance that their own dreams can become reality. Whether in taking a risk through buying a "little liquor store" as Walter wishes to do or in -" wanting to cure" as Beneatha dreams, the desires of the family depend upon the fate of Mamas check. In the mind of Walter Lee Younger, the check is the pinnacle of all, dominating his thoughts, as he does not wait a second before "asking about money "without" a Christian greeting." He cannot see beyond the fact that he "wants so many things" and that only their recently acquired money can bring them about.  Walter is too obsessed with money and believes it is one of the most important things in life. Mama and Walter discuss Walter’s preoccupation with money: Mama: Son—how come you talk so much ‘bout money?

Walter: Because it is life, Mama!
Here, Walter shows how much he cares about...
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