Money, the Key to Happiness

Topics: Wealth, Happiness, Poverty Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Sawyer Pooler
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16 December 2012
Money, the Key to Happiness
Money doesn’t buy happiness; money is happiness. However, many people believe that one doesn’t need money to be so called happy, I believe otherwise. I Believe money is, and always will be the key to happiness.

Coming from a family that has had financial struggles in the past, I know what it is like to wake up on Christmas morning and have nothing to unwrap, to watch my family struggle and fight to pay bills, to work just to buy myself clothes, to look over and see my parents not eating because there’s only enough to feed my siblings, to worry, to stress. I’m not ungrateful for what I do have; I am very blessed. However, I feel as though wealthier people take what they have for granted. For example, they don’t have to worry about cutting back here and there just so they can afford to buy food. In fact, the wealthy will be the first to say that money doesn’t buy happiness, but they don’t know what it’s like to not be wealthy. The wealthier may disagree because they think that work more than the average person and therefore showing that they may not be with their family as much. They may be the first to say that being with their loved ones is the key to happiness. But what if they couldn’t take that two-week vacation out of the country, buy their kids the new iPhone, new clothes, or a new car. Think they’ll be happy to see their children cry?

Many people say that owning specific material objects can’t make you happy, that all you need is your loved ones. I do agree that family and friends play a role in happiness, but I disagree with the fact that objects don’t pertain to happiness. For example, when a family doesn’t have enough money to pay mortgage or insurance, the family becomes stressed, that leads them to be angry and irritated, which in turn causes the family to be unhappy. People also become frustrated when they can’t afford to buy their kids things they want....
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