Money in Sports

Topics: Sportsperson, Sports terminology, Team sport Pages: 6 (2094 words) Published: August 20, 2013
IS money ruining sports
   Money has always been involved in sports since the early ages. In today's context due to the wrong use of money the prestige of sports has been declining. Cases such as match fixing, betting, corruption can sometimes be seen in the headline of newspapers and magazines. It is an inevitable fact that these cases is spoiling the reputation of sports. However, money is also helping find and encourage sportsperson and fans too. Corruption and bribery is some of the activities that has ruined the sports and its reputation. Recently, in the newspaper we could read about Mohammad Bin Haman of AFC getting arrested for bribing FIFA officials in return of selecting him as the next president through biased votes. Examples such as of Haman shows that sports industries has corrupt people who are using the platform of sports for their own benefit. Hence the beauty and reputation is lost with prevailing use of money. Likewise, corruption in the government sector has also ruined reputation of sports. Government allocates certain amount of money from the total budget in sports, but the officials in ministries misuse that amount and deprive infrastructural and sustainable development in sports sector. Players are discouraged due to low facilities and tend to lose their spirit. Similarly, there also has been the monopoly created on sports due to money Clubs that can provide handsome wages and emoluments to their players succeed to be successful, whereas certain clubs with lack of budget and economy have nothing substantial to do except for falling under low profiled clubs with low success rate. For instance, Manchester City is owned by the royal family of UAE and has high & standard facilities to their club for subsequent success. Moreover, the reputation of sports is also declined by the match fixing cases. For instance, Pakistani cricket player and captain Salman Butt was arrested for match fixing. Cases like this has stained in the reputation of sports because the thrill associated with sports has completely erased as matches are fixed and predicted. It is almost like watching a choreographed and rehearsed dance rather than the actual talent and originality of dance. On the other hand, money has also changed the dimension of ancient sports. Sports is adored by most people due to exorbitant wages associated with it. Young generation are encouraged for involving in sports. They want to work hard for their clubs and countries. Players give their life for the sports. This is all due to money being involved. Hence the beauty is always preserved. In a nutshell, money may have revolutionized the sports due to advantageous factors like development and encouragement but still the cases like corruption, bribery match fixing has spoilt the prestige of sports, hence money is spoiling reputation of sports is dominant. Spectator sports were once defined by the close-knit nature of teams, the tenacity of the competition and the exhilaration of the victory, and the essence of fair play—playing for the sake of playing, not winning. In the 21st century, however, the spectator sport sector has become one of the largest grossing businesses in the world, with almost every large firm, regardless of industry, involves in matters ranging from the ownership of sports teams or even entire leagues to the sponsorship of competitions. Sports has become a field where money can buy talent and where winning is everything because winning generates still more money. IT is tragic that the essence of team sport has been distorted by the buying and selling of athletes and that a modern-day sports team is nothing but a group of money-hungry individuals who have little in common except the compulsion to win—for more prize money. The definition of competitive sports has been distorted by the injection of money into the system. Earlier, prize winnings were measly sums of money that barely supported players and were more a side benefit to the...
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