Monarch Butterfly

Topics: Nymphalidae, Conservation, Monarch Pages: 4 (1293 words) Published: December 10, 2012
The Danaus plexippus or more commonly known the Monarch butterfly is probably the most famous and known specie of butterfly that exist all over the world. Its fame is due because of their beauty. Every fall, the people of Mexico gather around in the forest and wait for the arrive of the Monarch Butterfly to contemplate the beauty of the insect. They are also famous because they migrate farther than any other specie of butterfly. It takes approximately a month and a half to the Monarch to develop completely from the egg to the adult Monarch. The females put their eggs in a plant called Milkweed and the egg will hatch in 3 to 8 days. The egg is as thick as a needle. When they are larvae, the larvae survive by eating the Milkweed. During this stage, the larva can multiply its size by 2,000 times. A Monarch is a larva for 7 to 17 days before becoming a pupa. A monarch is a pupa for 8 to 15 days. The beautiful wings of the pupa can be seen in the pupa a day before it born. In a few days the Monarchs are able to put egg and the cycle stats again. In the spring, a Monarch can for 2 to 6 weeks but the Monarchs that are born in the summer can live up to 8 months. This is because of the long trip they make when they migrate. The Monarch Butterfly flies approximately 4,000 kilometers from Canada and the United States to reach an exact and special place in the forests of Mexico state and Michoacán. The Monarchs arrive to Mexico for the first time in November. The Monarchs that arrive there are the great-great-grandsons of those who get out from Mexico the year before. Given the great numbers of Monarchs (approximately to 100 million) that gather to migrate each fall, it is hard to imagine that they could be endangered specie. In reality, Monarchs and their amazing annual migration are seriously threatened by human Ramirez2

activities, in both their summer and winter locations. Many of these threatening activities destroy their habitat and are putting in risk the...
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