Moment That Changed My Life

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Everyone experiences many different things throughout their lives. Some have small impacts on their lives, while some may have a large impact that permanently changes their lives. The moment that forever changed my life was the day that the local librarian, Phil, convinced me to read my first independent novel. My father couldn’t find any more work in Manassas, Virginia and the only option was to move to Wise where his family resided. Throughout the first year of moving, stress was at an all-time high. My mother and father were still at home packing things while my siblings and I were attending school in Wise. Once my parents arrived in Wise permanently, my father continued to have difficulties finding a job. He completed odd jobs with his brother occasionally; however, it was never enough to fully provide for …show more content…
Never reading books unless required by a teacher at school, we only went to the library to look at animal books and to go on the computers. While checking out a few picture books, Phil, the librarian, started talking about a book that was being converted into a movie. It was called The Hunger Games and many teenagers were checking the book out. Knowing that I would not read it, I was going to decline the offer of checking it out. Before I could state my disinterest, Phil was already scanning the book to put on my account. With no other option, I took the book home. My first intention was to not read the book and return the book after a couple of weeks; however, I needed something to satisfy my boredom during the long days of summer. After starting The Hunger Games, I was surprisingly very interested in it. After a fraction of reading, I became figuratively thrown into the book. My mind was so involved in the story that I would unintentionally block out the rest of the world. Soon, reading became a way of blocking out my parents arguments at

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