Modernism vs. Post-Modernism

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Modernism sociologically, is a discipline that arose in direct response to the social problems of "modernity" (Harriss 2000, 325); the term most generally refers to the social conditions, processes, and discourses of 1438-1789 and extending to the 1970s or later (Toulmin 1992, 3–5). Modernity may also refer to tendencies in intellectual culture, particularly the movements intertwined with secularization and post-industrial life, such as Marxism, existentialism, and the formal establishment of social science. Modernism|

Advantage| Disadvantages|
1. Man learns to socialize through language and become part of the society (Marx).| 1. Man becomes a form imaged of the society through conforming what they think is right or wrong. | 2.When the oppressed and the exploited classes in the society come to full consciousness of their situation they become aware of the objective positivist of a new social order (Marx).| 2. Rallies and protesters population increase and lead to deviances and crimes. | 3.Social phenomena are explained through sociology not psychology. (Durkheim).| 3.Some social phenomena will be misunderstood like suicide can also be explained psychologically .|

Postmodernism is a complicated term, or set of ideas, one that has only emerged as an area of academic study since the mid-1980s. Postmodernism is hard to define, because it is a concept that appears in a wide variety of disciplines or areas of study, including art, architecture, music, film, literature, sociology, communications, fashion, and technology. It's hard to locate it temporally or historically, because it's not clear exactly when postmodernism begins. Post-modernism|

Advantage| Disadvantages|
1.As the human nature changes the human studies also constructs its own image of man, and this image promote novel techniques of dealing with man.| 1.The concept of human nature changes as new disciplines, discourses, and knowledge are born. That gives rise to new...

Sociology Twelfth Edition, John J. Macionis
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