Modern Technology

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Voice over Internet Protocol Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Modern Technology
Technology has increased within the last ten years. It has made communication much easier and more convenient. People communicate on a daily basis, and with modern technology, people can communicate much easier and faster. Modern technology has changed the way teen’s deal with one another by increasing communication, making communication faster, and decreasing the amount of time spent face to face.

First, modern technology has changed the way teens deal with one another by increasing communication. Nowadays teens have cell phones. Most teenagers wouldn’t know what to do without their cell phone. They say it’s their life. They are texting, IM’ing, face booking, or talking. It’s also their camera and their music player. Ten years ago teens didn’t have cell phones. They had to use their home phone, which was inconvenient because they would have to wait until they got home from school to talk to anybody. When using the home phone you never know if your friends are home or available. Having a cell phone you can talk whenever and wherever you want.

Second, modern technology has changed the way teens deal with one another by having faster communication. Ten years ago people would communicate through handwritten letters. Now teens can communicate through emails. Emails are a much faster way of communicating because you can receive an email within minutes; whereas letters take at least a couple days to arrive. Also, now teens have cell phones so they can send text messages. Ten years ago they didn’t have cell phones so they couldn’t just send a text whenever they wanted to. It makes it much more convenient for teens to interact with one another.

Finally, modern technology has decreased the way teens interact with one another face to face. Teens have started using Skype to interact with one another. You can see one another while talking to them without holding a phone or using minutes. Teens are more into the modern technology then the way things...
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