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Topics: Sentence, Word, Clause Pages: 2 (726 words) Published: November 25, 2008
Julia is amazingly -----for a 5-year-old: She adeptly persuaded her reluctant parents to let her stay up to watch another thirty minutes of television. 1]D. capricious He recited the President’s speech back to me---: to was almost as if he had written it himself. 2]C. verbatim Those not used to Larry’s ---speaking style found him to be – and did not like him at first. *3]A.*monosyllabic…incisive During his first year at boarding school, Ricardo underwent--- from a shy and reserved young boy to a garrulous and extroverted teenager. 4] adjudication Janice is so--- that she – over even the simplest decision. 5]E.fuckle.. vacillates Despite having always been --- at heart, Paula found herself --- about the near future at work. 6]A.pessimistic..placid Kemal was the--- of his father’s generosity while at the supermarket because he got to eat an ice cream treat on the way home. 7]B.benefactor Because we are short on time, -- would be appreciated; we need to leave in five minute to catch the last bus of the night. 8]C.pontification The audience found the presentation to be --- and vacuous; it was unimaginative and lacking substance. 9]A.dormant The play was a blend of the mirthful and the ----; many scenes were --- while others made me cry like a baby. 10]D.humorous..jocular 1.B The coloon(:) introduces an explanation. Adeptly** means with great skill**. A 5- year-old would have to be pretty sharp** to persuade reluctant parents. Concise=**brief and to the point Astute=**shrewd,keen Verbose**=wordy Recalcitrant=**stubborn Capricious=**whimsical 2.C The information after the semicolon(;) describes the word in the blank.If he reads it as if he had written it himself, it implies that he knows it very well, and perhaps can read it word for word. Loquaciously=**in a talkative manner Insipidly=**in a painfully dull way Verbatim=**word for word Curly=**in an abrupt manner, rudely Diffidently=** timidly,lacking confidence 3. C They did not...
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