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Topics: Moby-Dick, Sperm whale, Queequeg Pages: 3 (978 words) Published: February 9, 2014
I just finished a great story of Moby Dick , the great white whale , and the men who hunted him. My book is named Herman Melville 's Moby Dick is simplified and adapted by Robert J. Dixson . The story of the journey of the whaling happooner really attracted readers . Published in New York in the American Classics, the book consists of 19 chapters , is much less than the original. But Mr. Dixson reflected successfully what the original text to bring to the readers. The journey on the sea is still very vivid descriptions , according to an order of time . Our intrepid narrator , a former school teacher gọi Ishmael famously , signs up as sailor on a whaling voyage to cure a bout of depression . On His Way to find a ship in Nantucket , he meets Queequeg , a harpooner heavily tattooed South Sea Island whaling just trả from his latest trip . Ishmael and Queequeg trở roommates and best buds almost IMMEDIATELY . Together , They sign up for a voyage on the Pequod , Which is just about to start on a three - year expedition to hunt whale . On board the Pequod , Ishmael meets the mates - Starbuck honest , jolly Stubb , Flask and fierce - and the other harpooners , Tashtego and Daggoo . The ship 's commander , Captain Ahab , Remains in his secluded cabin and never shows Himself to the crew . The mates organize the beginning of the voyage as though there were no captain .

Just khi Ishmael about Ahab 's curiosity has reached a fever pitch , Ahab starts xuất hiện on deck - and we find out he's missing one leg Furniture . When Starbuck asks if it was Moby Dick , the famous White Whale , Which took off his leg , Ahab Furniture admits it was and forces the entire crew to swear Furniture They will help him hunt Moby Dick to the ends of the earth and take revenge for drilled his injury . They all swear .

After this strange incident , things settle into a routine on board the good ship Pequod . While they're always on the lookout for Moby Dick , the crew has a job to do :...
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